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twin_girls_inc's Journal

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Welcome to Twin_Girls_Inc:
A Graphics Community! g_u_e_s_s is the owner of the community. I am under s_e_n_o_r_i_t_a@greatestjournal.com. I wanted to start a community here as well. Both are under twin_girls_inc at livejournal and greatestjournal. I decided to make a graphics journal for
people who need help on things or just to be creative. If you want to
be a maker just leave a comment of the requestedform below. Hope you enjoy your stay!

(1) Add us first.
(2)After adding us, comment to the locked entry
(3)Put on the subject line: "Diamonds and Pearls"
(3)Comment when taking any graphic (s)
(4)You must give credit to the maker or twin_girls_inc
(5)If caught stealing you WILL be ban and I will tell other communties about you
(6)Dont give me a request until I or the makers say they are taking requests
(7)Put in the comment when asking to be added "I understand the rules"
(8)Have fun and Dont start any drama.

Please add the URL image if needed
Be detailed on what you want
Put on subject line what you are requesting (i.e. Background,Banner etc.)
You can request more than one thing
Please dont request something that has CLOSED right next to it
Credit the maker
If you need some examples let me know i will gladly show you

PLEASE make your request a friends only post!

Now taking Requests on:
Friends Only Banners (OPEN)
Non-Animated Icons(OPEN)
Info Dividers (OPEN)
Info Banners (OPEN)
Name Tags (OPEN)
Glitter (CLOSED)

If you want to be a maker fill out the form and leave a comment:
1. Have you worked in any other communties?
2. Show some of your work.
3. Why do you want to be a maker here at Twin_Girls_Inc_

sassifunk_plus - graphics and more


Want us to Promote your community?Just let g_u_e_s_s know <3
for graphics, layouts, and more:

Current Layout and Info banners made by s_e_n_o_r_i_t_a@greatestjournal.com